Disability Dream & Do (D3) Sports Events for children and young adults with professional teams. 


Our Mission

We don't just dream about success we demonstrate that success is obtainable for all! Disability Dream & Do (D3) is a pro style practice with professional players at stadiums across the country. D3 participants have an opportunity to hit, throw, catch and run the bases with instruction from the best regardless of anyone's limitations. 

There are two types of Dreamers, Dreamers that Dream, and
Dreamers that Dream & Do!
— Dave Clark, Only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches

The Disability Dream and Do (D3Day) sports camps were created by Dave Clark, the only pitcher in professional sports history to pitch on crutches, and Doug Cornfield, a former NCAA medal winning runner at Georgia, who himself had a child born with no arms.  These camps allow professional players to interact with children with special needs in various drills and compete in sports with no limitations.  In 2016, Dave Stevens, who was born without legs but played college football and minor league baseball, came on board as the D3Day camps expanded to other cities in the US.  Dave, Dave and Doug now put on camps all over the country and share their amazing stories as well as inspire others to look past a disability and turn it into an ability. 

What We've Achieved

  • Promo of the Year Runner up for Minor League Baseball 2011.

  • 13 years of completely free events with professional and collegiate teams.

  • Pulling Each Other Along Award has been presented to many unsung heroes.

  • Dave Clark & Dave Stevens stories represented their home states of New York and Arizona in the baseball book “America by the Seams”.

  • Friends of the Community Award presented by the Racker Center

  • Dave Stevens, 7 time Emmy Award winner with ESPN, joined the Disability Dream & Do (D3) team in 2016.

  • Dave Clark honored in the book “150 Heroes: People In Sport Who Make This a Better World”, by Richard Lapchick

  • Published with Mascot Books “A Pound of Kindness” children’s book.